PLEASE NOTE I am currently fully booked and unable to take on new clients. 

I take a soulful approach to help hidden parts of you to find a voice, a voice that may have been lost long ago to bravery and silence through shame, guilt and fear. I aim to help you work through your difficulties and uncover the meaning that has been hiding underneath – perhaps a need to stand up for yourself, or to express parts of you that have remained hidden, or to be allowed the feelings you have had to hide for so long. By untangling the threads together and feeling into what is really going on for you rather than pushing it all down (as you may have done so well for so long), paradoxically you may be freed up to feel differently about yourself.

This can help with a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Anxiety, fears, low self esteem

  • Exhaustion, depression, lack of motivation

  • Loss of direction / sense of meaning

  • Trauma, loss and bereavement

  • Abuse – sexual, physical, mental or emotional abuse and neglect

  • Conflicted sense of identity including gender identity

  • Relationship problems including difficulties with intimacy and sexuality


I charge £50 for day time sessions and £55 for evening sessions (finishing after 5.30pm). I have a few concessionary places for those on a low income, if that applies to you please ask me about this.

What happens next

Your initial appointment is an opportunity for both of us to get a sense of how it would be to work together. The aim is also to arrive at a shared understanding of the difficulties that bring you to counselling and what you are hoping to change. You are never under any obligation to continue with me and if I feel that I am not best placed to help I will hope to signpost you to a more appropriate service. If you do decide to work with me I usually suggest committing to a short number of agreed sessions and then review progress.

Online & Telephone sessions

Telephone or online sessions can work well – due to COVID I am currently working online and via telephone only. 


For more information about psychological therapy resources locally see

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