There are many different approaches to counselling and therapy, but studies have shown that what matters most is the therapeutic relationship. You may be wondering what is the difference between counselling and therapy? If so click this link: counselling vs. therapy. On this page I will outline the key features of how I approach the work of counselling or therapy.

My aim is for us both to develop a compassionate understanding of your needs and difficulties.  My perspective and my training is integrative and transpersonal. Words alone cannot always convey the truth of your experience. I work with imagery and pay attention to how emotions may be held in the body.  Below is a bit more on each of these. 


My training and approach is ‘integrative’ in that I draw on a range of therapeutic traditions and models rather than just one, as different perspectives can be helpful at different times for different people. The word ‘integrative’ also speaks of the process of counselling. There is always a repression of some parts of ourselves. Much of the time that may not be an issue, but when we are in emotional difficulty it is often these parts of the self that need to be given attention. We will seek to locate the silenced parts within and to given them a voice. 


My approach is also ‘transpersonal’. This recognises that our psyche is moulded not only by our childhood but by a stream of influences: ancestral, social, cultural and environmental. It recognises that we are all part of a larger whole and so allows for the importance of nature, spirituality, and the urges of our soul.


Where we have experienced trauma, this tends to be held in the body. We will therefore be working to integrate what is held in the body and may be unconscious with what is consciously held in the mind, by giving space to what the body may be wanting to tell us.


There are many doorways into the psyche. The trick is to find the paths that work for you. The ones that open doors to where you need to go. Our split-off unconscious parts often speak through imagery, metaphors, or bodily sensations. These all offer a direct line to the subconscious. I work creatively with what arises to explore these avenues.


We may pay attention to what arises between us relationally as this can offer a window onto significant relationships in the world. Most importantly we will work to establish a space which is safe and supportive enough for this journey of exploration.

I hope to have the privilege of accompanying you on your journey.